Introducing Russell W.’s Culinary Corner

As some may know, Russell W. Harris is more than just a good cook. He is a great cook, so much so that he has been asked to chef at many events, and offered more than one restaurateur opportunity. It has followed that he is often asked for his opinion of local eateries, from pick-up counters to the highest levels of five star dining. He also gets queried about the best places to find everything from nuclear-hot sauces to fresh vegetables. We will be posting some of those opinions and recommendations here, so be watching for updates to Russell W’s Culinary Corner.

Please note, these are not formal consumer reviews, nor are we affiliated with any venue discussed. We just like good food, and would like to share our more noteworthy experiences – as well as being able to put the answers to repeated questions in one place!

We also just might post if Russell W. is making chili, both when and where, so if you are a chili lover, you should really be watching. :o)