Introducing Our Boxy Babe

This is Scout, our rapidly growing baby Eastern Painted Box Turtle. We are actually owned by three resident rescue turtles, and lucky enough to share our property with a colorful wild turtle population of several different species.

Scout House

We’ll be sharing¬†more from our walks on the wild side. Scout just had to be the first one here – it’s simply how she is. :o)


USDA Loans: Don’t wait until the cows come home.

From the Realtor news wire come this heads up on the dwindling availability of USDA loans for rural homebuyers in the fiscal year 2016:

The article does point out at least one other option, and for folks who aren’t going to be needing a loan during this fiscal cycle there’s no need for a stampede of panic.¬† However, if you’re planning a transaction soon that may involve USDA funding not yet secured, don’t count those chickens before they’re hatched.