Fond Farewell to Yanni’s Casual Greek

It’s with a mixture of happiness and sorrow that we bid farewell to one of our favorite dining spots, Yanni’s Casual Greek Restaurant. Happiness because the owners, John “Yanni” and Rita, will be able to enjoy a retirement richly deserved and long overdue; sorrow because Yanni’s has been to us so much more than just a place for fabulous food, and we will miss the warm, wonderful people and the serene, welcoming atmosphere they all made possible. We clearly aren’t the only Yanni’s patrons who feel this way. During our last visits there, it seemed every person who came through the door had the same heartfelt message for John and Rita: “We are so happy for you, but we will miss you so much!” We were amazed by the turnout of “Yanni’s Graduates”, former staff members, who returned over this past weekend to work at Yanni’s one last time. It was a deeply moving tribute that spoke volumes about the kind of establishment John and Rita built and the environment they nurtured.

As the song says “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone”. Paradise will not be paved over for a parking lot, and we certainly wish the new operators success, but there’s no denying a beautiful and beloved era has come to a close. We join the many other fans of Yanni’s in thanking the “Yanni’s Family” – all of them – for the great meals, great times, and wonderful memories.



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